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The area "Forest of Gosauch" originally belonged to the church of Salzburg. The settlement of the alpine valleys began around 1200 and was fully operational 100 years later. In the following centuries people lived mainly from cattle breeding, the salt trade, the charcoal trade and the timber industry.

The first recorded date is 1194. That year A.K. gave the monastery of St. Peter the left bank of the river Lammer, whilst he kept the right bank for himself.

In 1535 boundaries were drawn between Gosau and Russbach. This was an attempt to stop the spread of Protestantism with was becoming very popular. After the banishment of Protestants during the 18th century Russbach was given its own church.

The first documented settlement record of Russbach dates back to 1631. At that time Russbach had 404 inhabitants. In 1903 it became an independent borough with its own parish church. A new school was built in 1914. Today, this is the Town Hall.

In addition, a new branch of the economy developed - tourism.
In 1956 a so-called "Verkehrsverein" was established, followed by the construction of a swimming pool and the construction of lifts.

The legend says that poachers used to disguise themselves with soot to do their poaching. After the deed was done they would wash themselves in the river. Through the staining of the water by the soot the village became known as Russbach.

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