Go on a treasure hunt

With its Snail Wall (Schneckenwand), Russbach has a well-known location for finding fossils.The fountain in the village square is made entirely of fossilised snail shells.The playfully bubbling spring near the resort continues to carry along a variety of fossilised snail shells and pieces of coral.

Russbach is not only known far and wide for its fossilised snail shells, but is also rich in resources that are becoming increasingly important in our fast-moving age: unspoiled nature and warm hospitality. In Russbach, a range of "treasures" await you, to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Treasure hunt
Every Thursday our hiking guide accompanies you to the "valley of the fossils", where you are sure to discover a treasure. The destination for the hike is the Snail Wall, where you will not only discover impressive remnants from prehistoric times, but can also enjoy the wonderful view.

Fossil museum
The focus is on the most important fossil groups from the surrounding region of Abtenau-Gosau-Russbach: Russbach snails, rudist bivalves, bivalve molluscs, coral and ammonites. At the centre are the two giant ammonites. The giant ammonite from Pass Gschütt, which measures 1 metre across, is a cast of the original kept at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

Fossils up close
True to the motto of "Fossils up close”, here schoolchildren can discover the world of fossils, with expert guidance from curator Dr. Fritz Seewald. An appropriate range of literature on the subject of fossils is also available.

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