Special days in the year

Until the 6th of January, the "Three Magi" are moving through the country. In this old Austrian custom, boys and girls go from house to house as star singers, bringing people the Christmas message of the birth of Jesus and peace and blessings for the New Year. At the same time collect the star singers for people in the "third world".

Rising the maypole
As in many places, a maypole will be set up in Russbach on 1 May. In Russbach, the volunteer fire department sets up the maypole. He is a symbol of fertility and zest for life. This day is celebrated with a holy mass and a brunch of the traditional music band.

June 21st is the longest day of the year. Already in pre-Christian times, the solstice fires were lit at dusk to keep out the storm and to give hope and meadows growth and fertility. It creates a very special, mystical mood when the traditional solstice fires in the Salzburger Land are gradually ignited.

Harvest festival
At harvest time at the end of September we thank for the rich harvest in summer as part of a solemn Mass. An artistically designed harvest crown is displayed by Russbach during the procession, carried to church and blessed. The procession will be accompanied by the brass band and the local clubs. Afterwards there will be a morning pint.

In the Salzburger Land around the Christmas time in the „Raunächten“ traditionally beautiful and ugly Perchten are on the way. Here you will find countless amazing creatures like „Habergeiß“, „Bärentreiber“, witch and devil and much more. Even if the winter has only recently arrived at our place. In the Perchten runs symbolically winter is expelled and the visitors are greeted with joy and blessing for the New Year.

Weather Forecast

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