Russbach is a cozy haven for family walks and for those who want to fly at higher game. The breathtaking panoramic views of the Dachstein and the Tennengebirge accompany you on your walks. However, it is undoubtedly nature itself which plays a major role during your holiday in Russbach. Audible, tangible – it´s there for you to smell and also to taste.The cozy and rustic cabins on the mountain pastures invite you to linger. Enjoy a hearty alpine snack with all sorts of homemade treats, like bacon, freshly baked bread or the Tennengauer Alm cheese specialties.

Pfandlhütte - 1249m
open from June to October
Phone +43 699 11094156

Animoshütte - 1249m
open from June to October
Phone +43 699 10844850

Angerkar Alm - 1430m
Open on weekends in good weather and holidays, see notice board at the parking area
Phone +43 664 2111782

Neualm - 1238m
Open in summer, see notice board Hotel Kerschbaumer
Phone +43 664 986001

Edtalm - 1342m
Open from May to September
Phone +43 664 9060183

Gipfeltreff - 1433m
Open to the days of operation of the Hornbahn Russbach
Phone +43 664 2828245