Your summer with the family

When kids have no school, parents should have no stress

Russbach is a world in itself, with everything there in one place. Everything is smaller, within reach and in view. The church is still in the village – right next to the general store, the inn and the village fountain. While you are enjoying your morning coffee, the kids can be splashing around in the Waterpark or trying their hands at kayaking. Russbach is one of the few communities in Austria that has managed to fit in a leisure park right at the centre of the village, without losing its personality.

So skilfully that you hardly even notice it, Russbach brings together the advantages of a traditional mountain holiday, including family hikes and activities, and the wish for fun in the water during hot summer temperatures. And what’s more, the whole of the Salzkammergut, with its outstanding lakes for swimming, is at your disposal. 

This is taken care of, not only by the village's Hornbahn cable car, which comfortably carries you up to the mountain pastures, but it’s lastly up to you to make your way by shanks' pony to where the air is a little thinner and the view a little clearer. And the children too will feel happy when the mountain pastures and fresh air beckon with new things to discover all along the way. 

02.-09. September 2017
Hiking is carefree life and promotes contacts.
Russbach, the Austrian hiking village skillfully combines the benefits of the classic mountain holiday with family-friendly hikes. The cozy and rustic lodges on the mountain pastures invite you to linger.